If you own a boat, you probably know how much of a challenge it can be to keep it looking like new. Check out these tips and tricks that are sure to help you care for your boat, not just this summer, but for as long as you have it.

Cleaning Tips

  1. Morning dew has comparable cleaning qualities to distilled water. Simply wipe off your boat with it and your boat will be spot-free.
  2. Remove last season’s wax with a dewaxing solvent before applying wax this spring. Doing so will provide a mirror-like shine.
  3. Do you have a scratched windshield and want a safe, yet effective way to fix it? Consider a fine polish like 3M Finesse.
  4. If you use an orbital polisher on your boat, remember to move it in the direction of its rotation (typically clockwise) as a safety precaution.
  5. Does your boat have visible paint and adhesive residue? Try oven cleaner spray to remove it without risking damage.

Important Checks Before Heading Out on the Water

  1. Take a peek at your boat’s engine belts to ensure proper tension. You should also keep an eye on any cracking and glazing, which are harbingers of failure.
  2. You may not give it much thought, but exhaust systems carry a lot of water. Therefore, it’s important to check all fasteners, supports, and plumbing to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and even sinking.
  3. If you happen to find fishing line wrapped around the outboard or sterndrive prop shaft, have the unit pressure-tested to make sure that the oil seals haven’t been compromised.
  4. If you’re filling your water tank, it’s a good idea to run the water long enough before filling to release the water left in the hose. Many boat owners don’t realize that bacteria and mold love to fester in hot hoses.
  5. In years past, you may have noticed a glare at the helm that has impaired your visibility. You can place a dark towel under the windshield for immediate relief.

Add Safety to Your Boat with Marine Customs

Now that you’ve got the tools you need to keep your boat looking pristine and working the way it should, you’re set, right? Take a moment to think about the safety of your boat. More specifically, is your boat’s current decking hazardous?

Marine Customs offers non-skid decking that is second to none. When our custom design consultant applies our boat decking, you and your other passengers will enjoy comfortable, durable EVA foam that provides the safety you need.

Our team starts with a customized pattern that you choose. We then perform a 2D digital scan of your boat which is transcribed into our CAD software to create the exact blueprint for your custom project. From there, we can create and achieve an exact fit for your non slip decking through a high precision CNC machine.

We are also able to provide semi-custom decking options for boaters that wish to template their boat on their own.

If you have any questions about Marine Customs or want to get started with our state-of-the-art marine decking in Melbourne, get started today with our customer order form.