Here’s a very special project we just completed for a customer of ours in Vero Beach, FL.


Custom built in 1978 from a 1956 manufactured skiff hull design.

Scope of Project:

Non-skid decking refit.

Customers Story:

“When I was 12 years old, my father purchased this boat for me. The boat was originally hunter green and was meant to be used primarily for duck hunting. Over the next four years my father and I, through many hours of blood, sweat, and tears transformed this boat into something not only for duck hunting but for much more. During the Thanksgiving holiday of 2016, I noticed a leak with some hull damage to my precious boat. Based on everything I learned working on the boat with my father, I was able to restore this boat to her original glory. From the hull repair, rewiring, replacing everything on the deck, I still wanted something to set this boat apart from all others. Marine Customs was able to provide that solution. The entire deck was done by Marine Customs and I am very happy to say this is now my dream boat. This boat truly has a story and I am thankful I was able to share this with my father and hope to pass this tradition on to my son.”

This skiff has decades of history with many stories to be told. We worked closely with our customer through many design consultation transformations of its cockpit and deck areas on its layout. The end result was to have the cockpit area outfitted with our 7mm Brushed Brown marine decking over Black in Faux Teak. All other deck and casting platform areas were then custom fabricated with our 7mm Brushed Brown over Black pinstripe/border option. And finally, we finished off this custom skiff project with two laser engraved fish rulers along the port and starboard gunnels. We then added some marine art (very detailed redfish and circle hook) on the casting platforms and deck hatch.