Marine Decking

There are several traditional non-skid surfaces found on today’s boats, personal watercrafts, kayaks, etc. With that in mind, not every one of these products is of the same quality. This is where boat decking from Marine Customs comes into play.

We are a Custom Fabricator and Installer of U-Dek marine flooring. Our U-Dek anti-slip, closed-cell foam deck treads offer a hard wearing, easy to maintain alternative to molded in anti-slip or paint-on textures for traction in wet areas, improving your comfort and safety. U-Dek is UV protected and non-absorbent. U-Dek is also easy to clean and is stain resistant to provide protection for boat surfaces, especially in high traffic areas.

Made from durable, closed-cell PE and EVA foam options, U-Dek marine flooring is designed specifically for marine applications.

  • UV resistant
  • Anti-slip and non-absorbing
  • Reduces noise
  • Shock absorbing

The process is simple and straightforward. We’ll first start with a scan of your boat in order to get a perfectly accurate digital template. From there, our CAD design team redraws your boat, specifically noting the following:

-Offsets to be added beyond the areas of your vessel’s non-skid for optimal adhesion
-Direction of the grains from our brushed, textured finish when applicable
-If any additional seams or breaks in the material need to be fabricated based on your design layout

At this point, your boat decking gets custom fabricated according to our strict quality standards. Once the prefabrication inspection requirements get the green light, your project gets cut and moved along for a final inspection and installation. The customer can either have Marine Customs handle the installation or choose to do the installation on their own.

We invite you to talk with one of our boat decking experts today.

Acrylic Dash Panels
Maybe you recently purchased a boat but just now realized it doesn’t have the trendy black acrylic/glassed-in dash with countersunk Multi-Function Displays (MFDs). On the other hand, perhaps you have an older boat that requires some customized refitting to make it look new again. In either case, the Marine Customs staff can help.

We are thrilled to offer a custom dash panel solution for the electronic upgrades you’ve been seemingly wanting forever. At Marine Customs, we will set you up with the acrylic dash panels that make the most sense for your boat. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project with us.

Switch Panels
Does your boat have the older, dated toggle switches which you can never see on earlier morning departures or late evening returns from fishing trips? Our switch panels can be customized with our Bocatech push-button LED switches. We can also tailor a solution to your needs should you prefer to keep your toggle switch setup, but with the addition of custom labels and illumination.

Don’t forget that Marine Customs can even add a unique graphic or logo with backlighting LED options as well. Contact us today for more information regarding switch panels.

Your Choice For Non-Skid Decking Products
Here at Marine Customs, we always go above and beyond for the customer. You can count on us to walk you through the entire process, regardless of the scope of your project. Over the years, Marine Customs has taken on a variety of projects. It’s safe to say we know non-skid marine products like the back of our hands.

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