With the holidays just around the corner, you don’t have much more time to plan. Maybe the idea is for your family to do what they’ve always done: Go over to someone’s house for a meal and gift exchange. Granted, this time of year is often about traditions. But what if 2017 was the year you introduced a new tradition for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas? Take a moment to remember how incredible the place is which we call home. From beaches to palm trees, South Florida is packed with beauty. That said, why not get the boat out for the holidays and enjoy some time on the water with friends and family? Keep reading to learn how Marine Customs can make this time of year more fun.

High-Quality Boat Decking You Can Trust

You used to take your boat out every chance possible. As a result, the flooring has worn down. The fact is your boat’s decking just isn’t as safe or sturdy as it used to be. Not to mention, it makes your boat look unsightly from the inside-out. Now is the perfect time to purchase some new non slip decking from Marine Customs. For years, our team has provided a simple and practical alternative to the traditional non-skid surfaces for boats, personal watercrafts, and more. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Marine Customs:

  1. The highest quality of non-skid decking – We are proud to be a certified fabricator, installer, and supplier of marine decking. You can feel comfortable knowing we use only the highest quality products for our customers. Watch those spider cracks and other surface imperfections disappear once you apply the product.
  2. It enhances your fishing experience – You have all the latest fishing gear and equipment. You know the best spots in the region to reel in the big one. For whatever reason, though, you just can’t land that huge catch. It could be that your boat is making too much noise. Rest assured that our marine decking will provide superior noise reduction for the serious fisherman.
  3. Custom-made products – We are more than happy to provide a custom, unique installation for any boat. Here’s how the process works. First, our custom design consultant creates a 2D digital scan of your boat. Once scanned, those templates are imported into our CAD software where they’re digitized. Our consultant then manipulates the templates for the perfect fit and finish. We can even add custom laser engraving for the ideal finishing touch!
  4. Convenience – Are you located outside of Florida but still want to take advantage of our anti-slip decking? For your convenience, we offer a “semi-custom” option. This is where you use one of our Template Kits to template your own boat. It’s a quick and easy way to get the boat decking you’ve always wanted.
  5. A hassle-free investment for your boat – Not only is the EVA foam we use comfortable and durable, but it also offers maximum wet/dry traction. Gone will be the days when you were reluctant to have guests on the boat due to safety concerns.

Our team at Marine Customs wants this holiday season to be the best ever for you and your family. See what we can do to help. Learn more about our boat decking.