1. Do You Have the Necessary Safety Equipment on Your Boat?

    With recreational boating accidents on the rise in Florida, officials are re-evaluating the required safety equipment. In this blog post, we will look into what boaters must absolutely have handy when out on the water. Personal flotation devices - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissio…Read More

  2. Importance of Wearing a Lifejacket While Boating

    Have you heard about the WEAR IT Florida Campaign? Unfortunately, our state holds the distinction of being the national leader in annual boating fatalities. A high percentage of these involve boaters who fall overboard and drown. The reality is that these deaths can be easily prevented by wearing a …Read More

  3. Boston Whaler 330 Outrage

    Here's a project we recently completed in Indiatlantic, FL. Our customer opted for our Brushed Brown over Black 7 mm decking with a Faux Teak finish. We then added a 14 mm helm pad mat with custom laser engraving. Another special project for another very special customer.…Read More

  4. What to Know Before You Go Parasailing

    If you’re looking to add some thrills to an overall relaxing beach vacation, then parasailing is the way to go. Chances are that you’ve seen folks attached to a parachute fastened to a motorboat cruise in the air as the boat glides. With it being summertime, there’s not a more enjoyable activi…Read More

  5. Custom Skiff Project

    Here's a very special project we just completed for a customer of ours in Vero Beach, FL. Boat: Custom built in 1978 from a 1956 manufactured skiff hull design. Scope of Project: Non-skid decking refit. Customers Story: "When I was 12 years old, my father purchased this boat for me. The boat was ori…Read More

  6. Top Tips for Staying Safe While Jet Skiing this Summer

    Let the summer activities commence! If you live in South Florida specifically, there’s a decent chance that you own a jet ski. There’s no question that zipping around on the water can be a ton of fun for you and the family. With that said, it can also be incredibly dangerous if you’re being ca…Read More

  7. Top Five Boating Destinations in Florida

    We’re spoiled here in Florida. When summertime comes, there’s no shortage of incredible boating destinations. In no time, we can be out on the water with family and friends. As Terry Tomalin of Visit Florida reminds us, Florida remains the boating capital of the world. It’s not surprising that…Read More

  8. Get to Know the Top Fishing Spots in South Florida

    Are you gearing up for another summer of fishing? If so, then you want to be sure you’re aware of the area’s best fishing spots. South Florida is packed with locations that not a lot of folks really know about. A few years ago, CBS Miami came out with this article detailing five of these places …Read More

  9. Get the Most Out of Your Boat with Marine Decking

    Get the Best Marine Decking for Your Boat Have you considered a non-skid decking option for your boat? Marine Customs, LLC is a Certified Aqua Marine Deck Fabricator and Installer for non slip decking. Our products are the perfect alternative to traditional surfaces for all types of boats, personal …Read More