1. Get to Know the Top Fishing Spots in South Florida

    Are you gearing up for another summer of fishing? If so, then you want to be sure you’re aware of the area’s best fishing spots. South Florida is packed with locations that not a lot of folks really know about. A few years ago, CBS Miami came out with this article detailing five of these places…Read More

  2. Get the Most Out of Your Boat with Marine Decking

    Get the Best Marine Decking for Your Boat Have you considered a non-skid decking option for your boat? Marine Customs, LLC is a Certified Aqua Marine Deck Fabricator and Installer for non slip decking. Our products are the perfect alternative to traditional surfaces for all types of boats, personal…Read More

  3. Non-skid for pets on boats – Yes we can…

    We had a customer that reached out to us for a quote to add some Aqua Marine Deck to a few areas on his air boat. He wasn't interested in decking out the entire boat, and only needed just enough to ensure his dog could stay comfortable and safe while keeping him company in the great outdoors. We pro…Read More

  4. Bayliner Element e16 upgraded with our Aqua Marine Deck Non-Skid

    We just finished the installation of our Aqua Marine Deck non-skid on this 2017 Bayliner Element e16 bow rider. This boat already comes with an optional factory upgrade with a competitors decking, however, the factory upgrade was only available for the interior flooring. After a quick review of the…Read More

  5. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 Project

    Here's a Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 that received a nice upgrade today with our Aqua Marine Deck non-skid. We used our 7mm Brown over Black brushed finish with a combination of some Faux Teak patterns in certain areas. We also even added some custom laser logos per the customers request along with …Read More

  6. 2007 Seahunt 22′ CC – Bow casting platform upgrade

    We had a customer who was in search of adding some of our non-skid to the casting platform on the bow of his 2007 SeaHunt 22' center console boat. After reviewing a few of our decking options with the customer, they decided to opt for our brushed gray over black finish with a custom laser SeaHunt lo…Read More