1. Top Tips to Make Your Boat Sell Faster

    You’ve made countless memories with your boat in recent years. For example, you can’t remember a holiday when your family wasn’t out on the water. The tubing and jet skiing come to mind as well. Unfortunately, the time has come to move on to a newer boat. What should you do with your old boat?…Read More

  2. How to Buy a Boat and Stay Within Budget

    More Americans are buying boats than ever before. According to Jim Gold of Money Talks News, recreational boat ownership has been surging since the end of the Great Recession. The best part? You don’t exactly have to be wealthy to own a boat. The National Marine Manufacturers Association says that…Read More

  3. How to Choose Boat Decking Like a Pro

    Nothing beats spending time out on the water with friends and family. The last few years, though, you’ve completely forgotten about your boat. It’s not like the boat is having engine issues or other major functional problems. The reality is that its flooring is completely unsafe for passengers o…Read More

  4. 10 Tips for New Boaters

    You’ve been wanting a boat for years. But it just never quite worked out financially. Recently, though, you’ve been pinching pennies and saving money whenever possible. It could be that you even set aside a chunk of your tax refund for a boat. The hard work paid off. You were able to turn that d…Read More

  5. Boat Safety Checklist

    The time spent on a boat should be enjoyable and relaxing. After all, you deal with enough stress elsewhere. You deserve a few hours of bliss with friends and family while soaking up some sun. Before your next day of boating, do yourself and the other passengers a favor. Take a long look at what’s…Read More

  6. Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day in South Florida

    Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. Can you believe that? Maybe this is the year you finally go all out and surprise your sweetheart with an evening she will remember forever. Even if you don’t consider yourself the romantic type, you can make it happen with the right plan. Here are five w…Read More

  7. Advice for First-Time Boat Buyers

    There’s nothing better than being out on the water with loved ones. But have you thought of owning a boat? Many Floridians take pride in boat ownership. Especially if you’d like to spend more time with family and friends, having a boat to call your own makes a lot of sense. The reality, though, …Read More

  8. We’re now an Authorized Dealer of SLATE Gear Roto-Molded Coolers

    Slate Gear's roto-molded Coolers combine form, function delivered at an incredible price. With ice retention for up to 10 days* our 3" thick roto-molded insulated wall coolers are a great way to get the brand name performance, without the brand name price. With Slate's curated selection of roto-mold…Read More

  9. We’re now an Authorized Dealer for NautiPadz

    Engineered for Comfort. Designed for Style. NautiPadz helps to eliminate shock transferred through the body due to rough boating conditions. Custom engineered from industrial-grade materials, each NautiPad comes with a 3-Year Limited Warranty, and is proudly made 100% in the USA. Your NautiPad can r…Read More